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Application of CENTURYLON AP-701 Pipe Insulation

  CENTURYLON AP-701 Pipe Insulation may be slipped over pipe or tubing before pipe connections are made.Fabricate fitting cover from properly miter-cut pieces, snap fitting cober in place over the fitting and bonding with adhesive.

Where piping is in place, use a sharp kinfe to slit CENTURYLON AP-701 Pipe Insulation longitudinally and snap the Insulation over the pipe. Refer to the following figure 1-6.
  When pipe has been installed, slit the insulation longitudinally and snap it over the pipe
  Brushing the slit surfaces with adhesive.
  After drying, press joint firmly together.
  Tee is fabricated from miter cut or free hand cut and the 45o cuts are bonded by adhesive.
  The assembling
  The assembling of valve and elbow.
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